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Open Letter To Brandeis University President

In the matter of Ayaan Hirsi Ali Frederick Lawrence President Brandeis University Dear President Lawrence: I know that many critics have expressed outrage that you rescinded your invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a courageous women’s rights crusader and critic of Islam, to receive an honorary degree at […]

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U.S. Can’t Bribe Israelis, Palestinians To Make Peace

“First as tragedy, second as farce.” It’s Karl Marx’s line about history repeating itself but, per the Jonathan Pollard trial balloon of recent days, the line could just as easily apply to America’s foreign policy. We need not debate the merits of Pollard’s release, for which supporters […]

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President Obama: Meet President Obama

As Vladimir Putin resurrects Russia’s empire, China flexes its muscles in the Pacific, and Syria descends further into unimaginable horror, U.S. President Barack Obama should check out a speech from a few years back by a dynamic Democrat with lots to say about what the United States […]

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Barack Obama’s Got A Rosy Take On Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas

The U.S. focus on Ukraine has shifted attention away from this week’s remarkable set of exchanges, direct and indirect, between U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that speaks additional volumes about Obama’s take on prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace. That Obama has an unbalanced […]

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New York Times Defaults To Insanity On Syria

“What’s Next for Syria?” the New York Times headlined its latest editorial on the subject this week. Its answer reflects the mushy-headed thinking that all too often emanates these days from America’s “paper of record.” “With the apparent collapse of the United Nations-mediated peace talks on Syria,” […]

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