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Red Line Redux

The future path of U.S.-led nuclear negotiations with Iran, which have now reached a crucial stage, may be foreshadowed in the U.S. agreement with Syria to dismantle its chemical weapons program. Any U.S.-Iranian deal-making that follows the Syrian model, however, would prove nothing more than a pyrrhic […]

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Obama’s Retreat from the War on Terror

President Obama’s counter-terrorism strategy, which he unveiled last week in a high-profile speech at the National Defense University, is less off-base than incomplete, reflecting his effort to limit the scope of the problem and the requirements of the response in ways that will prove inadequate to the […]

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U.S. Must Rethink Egyptian Foreign Aid Strategy

As the world evolves, presenting new challenges to U.S. national security, the patterns of U.S. foreign aid should evolve with it. Nowhere is this truer than in Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous and historically most influential state, which is gradually transforming itself from a Western-leaning secular […]

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