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Will Russia’s Ukraine War Prompt An American Awakening On Iran?

President Joe Biden has revamped U.S. goals in Ukraine from de-escalation and negotiations to a Ukrainian victory and the “degrading” of Russia’s military, reflecting a long-overdue reappraisal of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war aims. It is not the first time of late that Washington has […]

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How To Make Russia Pay Over Ukraine: Deploy Every Financial Weapon Possible

How to Make Russia Pay – When asked, after his speech on Thursday, why the United States and its allies weren’t then kicking Russia completely out of SWIFT, the global banking communications system, over its invasion of Ukraine, President Biden said, “[It] is always an option. But […]

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The West Faces A Big Human Rights Test With The Taliban

The West faces a key test of its commitment to human rights as the Taliban cements its rigid rule in Kabul. At the moment, Western nations and the global financial institutions over which they hold considerable sway are demanding that the Taliban respect human rights as a […]

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