Public Affairs

Haas provides senior public affairs counsel to a wide variety of corporate, foundation, and non-profit clients. Since January 2006, he has worked as an independent public affairs consultant. Before that, he was Senior Vice President and Director of Public Affairs at Manning Selvage & Lee (MS&L), one of the world’s largest public relations firms. There, he served as the senior counselor for clients facing legislative and regulatory issues and as a strategic resource for clients throughout the firm.

Strategic Communications

Haas develops and implements strategic communications strategies for a wide variety of corporate, foundation, and non-profit clients.  He brings a wealth of experience to the job.  He was Communications Director and Press Secretary for Vice President Al Gore, serving as his spokesman; helping craft his strategic message; overseeing his media interviews, speeches, and announcements; editing speeches and other materials; and managing a staff of 10.  Previously, he was Communications Director for the White House Office of Management and Budget, serving as spokesman for OMB and Directors Alice Rivlin and Frank Raines; speaking for the Clinton Administration in countless TV, radio, and print interviews; structuring and editing the President’s annual federal budget; creating and writing the annual Citizen’s Guide to the Federal Budget; writing speeches; and editing other materials.  After the White House, Haas served for two years as Director of Public Affairs and Special Assistant to the President at Yale University, where he was a senior policy advisor, led Yale’s communications efforts, served as its principal spokesman, and supervised 20-25 employees and interns.

Writing & Editing

Haas writes and edits for his clients.  His products include communications plans, op-eds, articles, briefing papers, talking points, fact sheets, and a variety of other documents.