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While America Promotes Freedom and Human Rights Abroad, We Must Uphold Those Values at Home

Iran is hosting an “I Can’t Breathe” international cartoon exhibition, with seventy-two pieces from twenty-seven countries, mocking America for its racial unrest and portraying its leaders and police as Nazis and Klan members. In China, officials are blasting America for its racism while the People’s Daily, the […]

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If Britain Opts for Corbyn, Then the New Prime Minister Will Clash with Trump Over Israel

The signs of breakdown in the liberal international order are mounting, and they’re coming from disparate directions: Washington battles its closest allies on trade, Beijing and Moscow come together more closely militarily in an anti-U.S. alliance, and Beijing seeks to make its territorial expansion a fait accompli […]

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Can Iran Wait out Trump’s Pressure Campaign?

U.S. foreign policy toward Iran is approaching a “back to the future” moment, with the Trump White House resurrecting the strategy pursued by President George W. Bush (and, for a while, President Barack Obama) of pressuring Iran economically into abandoning its nuclear pursuits. The question now is […]

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