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Robust Foreign Policy Possible, Even in Partisan Times

Arthur Vandenberg, the former Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman who worked closely with President Truman to architect the free world in the late 1940s, died 65 years ago on Monday. His legacy offers two important lessons for us during our current time of turmoil at home and […]

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On Fiscal Policy, the Republican Jig Is Up

The Republican struggle to reconcile House and Senate versions of a 2006 budget resolution reflects a much larger reality: When it comes to fiscal policy, the GOP is facing its moment of truth — and it’s blinking. For years, Republicans vowed that, if they controlled the White […]

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The Republicans Face Big Obstacles to Enacting Big Changes

With a new Congress in place, talk of serious change abounds. “I earned capital on the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it,” President Bush said after his re-election — and a strengthened majority on Capitol Hill plans to help him. At the same […]

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2004 Has 50-50 Chance of Being a Productive Year for Congress

The pre-adjournment wrangling in Congress over health care, energy and other legislation is shaped, at least in part, by a basic piece of conventional wisdom: Get it done now, for the built-in realities of any election year will make it impossible for Congress to do much legislatively […]

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Voting Isn’t the Be-All, End-All of American Democracy

The upcoming elections will do more than determine the makeup of Congress, statehouses and city councils. They surely will generate another round of hand-wringing about low voter turnout and, in turn, the sorry state of American democracy. In fact, the hand-wringing has already begun. A recent op-ed […]

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