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Why Progressives Are Losing

Progressives are not just distraught but befuddled. They ask, as Vice President Joe Biden’s former top economic advisor Jared Bernstein did on his blog, why are they losing the economic and fiscal fight. And why, in particular, are the two parties rushing to attach enormous spending cuts […]

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The Fiscal Debate Is Over, But Who Pays?

Conventional wisdom suggests that, in the debt limit negotiations, the two parties are engaged in a titanic debate over the future direction of fiscal policy. Nonsense. The debate is over, and the Republicans have won. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., made it official this morning when, […]

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Follow the Leader: On Debt Talks, That’s Congress

“The President proposes and Congress disposes.” It’s an old adage and usually an accurate one. It also reflects, in the budget debate, a longstanding tenet of conventional wisdom – that the president must lead or nothing significant will occur. It’s a belief that crosses party lines. “I […]

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Obama Not to Blame for Fiscal Impasse

However much I regularly enjoy Liz Peek’s cogent writings, I disagree with her recent effort to blame President Obama for the current fiscal impasse in Washington that has put the federal government at the precipice of a federal default. Here’s why: First, Peek says Obama didn’t meet […]

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Expand the McConnell Plan, Make It Permanent

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell’s plan for a debt limit increase not only would take Congress off the hook in raising the limit through 2012, it also suggests a way for President Obama and lawmakers to do the country a big favor by fixing the problem on […]

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