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Britain’s Dangerous Corbyn Temptation

Across the West, restless voters and mainstream parties are reinforcing one another in a mutual race to the fringes, hollowing out the political center and threatening the basic canons of our post-war liberal order – the human values, diplomatic alliances and economic relationships that have generally served […]

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JFK’s World of Wisdom

John F. Kennedy would have turned 100 on Monday, and his life’s work on foreign policy provides compelling insights into how we might approach our own challenges in an increasingly unstable world. From his election to the House in 1946, through his Senate tenure in the 1950s, […]

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Israeli-Palestinian Peace Perspectives

The “moderate” Palestinian Authority, which runs the West Bank, continues to provide generous lifetime stipends, lump-sum payments, health care, tuition and other benefits to Israeli-killing terrorists and their families. At the same time, that same entity is threatening to sue Britain’s government for rejecting its request that […]

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Intellectual Whiplash on Israel

The same administration that’s defending Israel in refreshingly bold fashion at the United Nations is discussing Israeli-Palestinian peace this week with a Palestinian leader who promotes the murder and kidnapping of Israelis and who spent 15 years in prison for throwing a grenade at an Israeli Army […]

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Iran Emboldened

Tehran’s new threat to ignore a key plank of the U.S.-led global nuclear agreement offers a timely reminder that, no matter what happens with Iran’s upcoming presidential election, the regime is, and will remain, just as dangerous as it’s ever been. It also hammers another nail in […]

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