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A Refreshing Change at the U.N.

Trump administration deliberations about whether the United States should quit the United Nations’ Human Rights Council over its anti-Israel obsession reflect a welcome new U.S. approach to Turtle Bay. Nikki Haley, America’s ambassador to the United Nations, announced this new U.S. approach the other day when she […]

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We Can’t Ignore Hamas

When Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman offered the other day for Israel to turn Gaza into “the Singapore of the Middle East,” with a seaport, airport and industrial zones, if Hamas would stop firing rockets, building tunnels and seizing Israeli citizens, the terrorist group had a curt […]

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How Trump Enables Democracy’s Decline

President Donald Trump’s unnerving failure to distinguish the free and democratic nation he leads from the autocratic and menacing Russia of strongman President Vladimir Putin has generated two notable sets of concerns – but the implications of Trump’s rhetorical excesses expand far beyond current story lines. “There […]

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Trump’s Troubling Retreat

At this historical turning point, with the free world hungry for renewed American leadership, President Donald Trump’s foreboding inaugural address was as troubling for what it didn’t say as what it did. It was the mirror image of John Kennedy’s stirring address of 1961, which focused almost […]

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Move the Embassy

President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem provides a timely opportunity for the new president to make a sharp break with President Barack Obama’s unwise, unjustified and ultimately ineffective hostility toward America’s closest ally in the turbulent Middle East. Especially after […]

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