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Democrats should ratify Colombia trade deal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent decision to kill the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, at least for now, sacrifices an issue of enormous national strategic importance at the altar of the bitter partisan politics that have become all too common in today’s Washington. She would be well-advised to […]

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Time for a new “coalition of the willing” against Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent embrace of Iran’s radical regime begs a basic question for President Bush — would he rather prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons or continue working through the increasingly unhelpful institutions of the global community? Clearly, he can’t do both. The United Nations […]

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Raise taxes to strengthen national security

A recent call by three House Democrats for a temporary tax surcharge to finance the Iraq war met an all-too-expected fate. The White House and congressional Republicans blasted the Democrats as congenital tax raisers, and Democratic leaders played defense by disavowing the idea. With their proposal, Reps. […]

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Democratic excesses on Iraq put 2008 at risk

Heading into the 2008 elections, President Bush’s management of the war in Iraq has given the Democratic Party a huge opportunity to compete with Republicans on the issue of national security — an issue the GOP has used to its advantage for the better part of several […]

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West must stop appeasing, start pressuring Iran

In the West’s approach to Iran, we are witnessing a classic example of appeasement toward not just a rising threat to Middle East stability but a growing global threat to freedom and democracy. Most recently, this appeasement has taken two forms.  First, leading European nations announced plans […]

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