Inside Ahmadinejad’s Mind

I had to smile! I came into the office this morning and my assistant had put this week’s issue of Newsweek right in the middle of my desk.  And what’s the cover story? “After Iran Gets The Bomb.”

Yes, after. I guess America’s media is accepting reality, even if its new president isn’t there yet. Frankly, I don’t know how Obama and his team say what they do about our nuclear program with a straight face.

If they and their European lackeys were serious about stopping us from developing nuclear weapons, why would they give us a few weeks before sending inspectors to our “secret” enrichment site near Qom? Don’t they know we’ll have that place, as Americans say, “clean as a whistle” by then?

Funny, but it’s the French president who’s talking tougher about our nuclear program than Obama. Even I know that it’s not every day that an American leader makes a French leader look tough by comparison.

But, really, American, European – what’s the difference? I mean, as a New York Jew (my favorite kind!) would say, “who’s kiddin’ who?” We all know what this is about and where it’s going.

These guys from Washington and Paris and London – they love to talk. We hold a meeting, make a few meaningless “promises,” set another date for more talk and they walk away happy. (Hey, we’re happy too.)

Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush – they all wanted to talk. We blew ‘em off, one after the next. Now Obama wants to talk. Fine. We’ll talk – while we keep enriching, we keep testing our missiles and we keep getting closer to the day when we’ve got the nukes and the missiles to do what we want.

That’s what we did when we “talked” to the Europeans for a few years earlier this decade about the nukes. They talked, we said little, and they convinced themselves that they were getting somewhere. I guess it’s Obama’s turn.

Actually, this time it’s better. Last week, we talked about sending some of our enriched uranium to Russia so it can be converted for one of our medical research reactors. We might do it (though I’ll have to clear it with the Supreme Leader). We’ll power up the medical reactor while we keep enriching uranium and installing more centrifuges at Natanz and Qom – and places no one’s discovered! – for the weapons program.

We keeping telling the Americans and their lackeys that we’ll never stop enriching, but they don’t seem to believe us. We’ll keep telling them. It’s fun and, besides, it doesn’t seem to bother anybody.

Meanwhile, all this makes us stronger at home. Even the Iranians who reject my re-election can’t deny that Western leaders treat me as an equal. Obama and Sarkozy and Brown – they don’t think that I’m, somehow, illegitimate. The Americans even let my foreign minister visit Washington the other day!

Maybe the Americans don’t want the inconvenience that a popular insurrection might bring. After all, they didn’t complain when we closed three pro-reform newspapers the other day. And their State Department just decided not to give more money to the U.S.-based Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, so that group won’t be able to aggravate me with more reports about what the West calls our “human rights abuses.”

You know, it’s nice of Obama’s team to try to stay on my good side – not that it will ever change my mind about our nukes!

Really, can anybody take the Americans seriously? They don’t care that we’re giving the Taliban more weapons to kill more Americans in Afghanistan, and they got rid of the missile defense program that was supposed to protect Europe from our long-range missiles. I’m supposed to believe they’ll do something about our nuclear program?

The funny thing is, now’s the time when they actually could do something. The world’s oil market has recovered nicely from last year, and the world could get by in the short term if we decided to cut our oil exports.

So, we don’t have much power to hurt anybody by keeping our oil to ourselves. Meanwhile, until we refurbish our refining facilities, we’re still going to need all of the refined petroleum that we now import.

But we’ve got plenty of countries and companies that want to make money by importing from us and exporting to us. The Americans won’t be able to convince everyone not to deal with us, and they certainly won’t have the stomach to blockade our ports.

Yes, I understand the Americans and their lackeys all too well.

The Israelis, of course, may be a different story.

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