Reading the Supreme Leader’s Mind

From today’s diary entry of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei:

How much longer will we have the dupe Barack Obama, the fool John Kerry and their minions? Not long enough, for sure!

The Republicans running for U.S. president have all denounced our nuclear deal, which suggests that any of them would walk away from it as much as they can, and the Republican-run House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a bill the other day to increase Congress’ oversight of the deal.

Even Democrats are fed up. Hillary Clinton recently listed “the Iranians” as among her enemies (though nobody seemed to notice); two Democrats are preparing bipartisan legislation to expedite sanctions related to our terrorist, human rights and ballistic missile activities; seven House Democrats wrote to urge Obama the other day to impose new sanctions related to our recent ballistic missile tests, and 21 Senate Democrats wrote to Obama last month to urge the same thing.

We better do whatever we can while Obama is still here to move the Iranian nation forward – more influence in the region by strengthening our proxies in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen and weakening the Saudis; more nuclear progress by “self-inspecting” our Parchin military site (ha!) and exploiting the deal’s other loopholes; and more attacks on the Zionist entity through Hezbollah and Hamas. We should act now because we’ll never have it so easy again with the “Great Satan.”

Praise Allah, and let us count our blessings:

Kerry says the great Iranian nation is just days away from sanctions relief under the nuclear deal after my foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, promised him that we’d comply with it “as rapidly as possible.” Whatever. Nothing we do will shake Obama’s commitment to the deal anyway.

Obama said the other day that he’d sanction us over our two ballistic missile tests because they violate UN Security Council resolutions – as if we care about resolutions! – but he backed away when President Hassan Rouhani said that, in response, we’ll produce those missiles even faster. Obama’s spokesman, Josh Earnest, said he still plans to impose those sanctions “at a time and place of our choosing.” Uh-huh.

We say “jump.” Obama asks, “How high?”

We sent rockets within 1,500 yards of the USS Harry S Truman in the Strait of Hormuz, and Obama didn’t do anything. He won’t do anything to upset us, no matter how much we embarrass him or his arrogant country, because he doesn’t want us to officially walk away from his precious nuclear deal (whether we really implement it or not). Maybe we’ll get within 1,000 yards next time. (Good thing Truman himself isn’t president!)

Now, Obama, Kerry and their minions are hoping that our elections in late February will boost the supposed “moderates” (like Rouhani) both in Parliament and in the Assembly of Experts, which will pick my successor as supreme leader.

Ha! Don’t they know that, as usual, the Guardian Council will limit the number of “moderates” that it certifies to run? Don’t they know that Rouhani – who used to be one of our top nuclear negotiators with the West and helped us make nuclear progress by stalling those talks – is no “moderate” anyway, with the government on his watch now arresting more dissenters, jailing more Americans, hanging more criminals, building more weapons and extending our influence more in the region?

Don’t they know that all this talk in Washington about “moderates” in Tehran, which dates back to our 1979 revolution, says more about America’s naive hopes than about who we are? Don’t they know that I’m still in charge, and I’ve got the Revolutionary Guard Corps to enforce my dictates?

Now, it won’t be long before Obama says we’re complying with the nuclear deal, which will start to free up the $100 billion in sanctions relief that will help us fund the weapons and troops and terrorism that will make the great Iranian nation even greater. The dupe, the fool and all their minions think the money will convince us to change our aspirations, our ideology and our approach to the world. Ha!

I read where Michael Rubin, (a Jew!) from the American Enterprise Institute, said, “Kerry might as well have wired the money directly into the Revolutionary Guards’ bank accounts, because that is the net effect.”

How true.

Just a year more with Obama, Kerry and their minions – so we better do what we can now before the “Great Satan” wakes up.

“Death to America.”

Lawrence J. Haas, former communications director for Vice President Al Gore, is a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council.

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